Is your kid meeting their full potential?


6 Signs your children may not be reaching their potential. do they:

  • Wake up tired and irritable

  • Breathe through their mouth

  • Have difficulty concentrating

  • Grind their teeth at night

  • Not fulfil their sporting potential

  • Get moody often

If you answered yes to some or all of the above these things may be showing you that your child is not breathing well. Sound hard to believe? Watch the video and listen to some results kids achieved after participating in our “Lip Seal” breathing program for kids.


Happy Kids Klinic is a kid's health promotion platform that works on the benefits of training correct breathing patterns and muscle balance of the lips face and tongue. 

Initially, that may sound weird and a little far fetched ("duh, my kid already breathes!") but actually people are often surprised to learn how much breathing and the position of the lips and tongue can effect a child and their general wellbeing, check out the kids on the video to see some of the results.

Of course, we don't claim to have all the answers but we do have a stack of experience working with kids and seeing first hand the benefits they get from a little bit of dedication to some really simple ideas and exercises. 

We offer two main programs; The Lip Seal Breathing Program, an educational and practical breathing optimisation program, plus Face Gym, a program with a proven track record of results to re-educate the lips, tongue and facial muscles. These programs can be done in person, via Skype consult, or if one to one isn't for you we have two simple online breathing programs

Our Programs at a Glance

Lip Seal Breathing

A simple 3 month health promotion program to improve breathing habits. Delivery is face to face in person or on Skype, consisting of 3 x 45min sessions over 3 weeks and a further 2 months of self-directed exercises with regular one on one check ins. 

Face Gym

A 2 month program of exercises to strengthen and stretch the face muscles in order to improve lip, tongue and facial muscle positioning. Delivery is face to face in person or via Skype for 20 minutes a week over a minimum of 8 weeks. 

Lip Seal Online

An online program giving the basics of both Lip Seal and Face Gym for an affordable price. Online videos, manual and exercises provided with the option of one to one check in sessions as required. Option of adding a one to one session with your program.

Larry Lip Seal for 2-6 year olds

A simple story metaphor to help kids who are too young to follow a structured program gain the benefits of lip seal and improved breathing. Listen to a preview of Larry Lip Seal below:

The Happy Kids Coaching Model, where the bullseye is the outcome we're looking to achieve: better rested, more focus, more energy and robust health.

All our programs work on the basis of Education + Understanding = Action. In other words, we aim to motivate and educate kids on how to get what they want and how our programs help. All our programs use outcome measurements (before and afters), have structured timelines and are based on the best possible evidence we can find. 

What our programs ARE NOT:

  • A quick fix

  • Replacement for medical, manual or psychological therapy

  • Alternative or sham based therapy

  • Intended to heal, treat or cure specific conditions

We are about helping families maximise health and function in one of the most important and complex systems of the body. To explore our program more deeply keep scrolling down...or

Happy Kids Klinic Giving Back Program

The Giving Back Program exists to provide families in need a chance to experience a breathing retraining program where hardship may ordinarily restrict their participation. 

Programs are limited to a maximum of two per month and a subject to an application process.

Click here to find out more or to apply.