Lip Seal breathing program

The Lip Seal Breathing Program

How to learn to change breathing to provide a sound basis for health without having to reinvent your life!

Larry the Lip Seal is our breathing mascot. Learning to keep his mouth closed and use his diaphragm meant he was able to dive deeper, and find his own unique voice. 

Essentially, this vision of Larry is the vision and mission of Happy Kids, to simply help kids optimise their breathing and bring their physiology closer to optimal, so they can be more and do more of what they love and what they dream to do.

We believe breathing well is a great foundation (but not the
"holy grail") of health and one of the very necessary and often overlooked elements of robust health particularly for kids. 

Lip Seal Breathing Program Overview

3 x breathing sessions

includes sessions on muscles, bones and joints (biomechanics), blood and guts (biochemistry) and moods (limbic system)

4 x follow up sessions

short sessions that keep you on track and make sure everything is on track

Larry lip seal e-book

easy to read book that backs up all the program content plus exercises and recording sheets  


We undertake breathing education as a mix of health promotion and health coaching and our breathing program encompass 3 weeks of educating kids on some of the basic principles and functions of breathing and it's effect on the triad of health: bio-mechanical, biochemical and emotional. From that basis of understanding, we give them very simple and time efficient practices to train and reinforce what they've learnt. We are relaxed and casual with the kids yet serious about our work and we've found over the years this approach works well for compliance and creating positive outcomes. 

Our program is unique as the exercises we use are very simple and importantly, very time efficient. The additional bonus is, our methods work and stay working in the long term - all it takes is a little investment up front then no more than 30mins a week!

We also offer a shorter online version of the course, plus a special story to help kids aged 3-6 breathe through their nose.