Inspiring kids through breathing

This week I had a peak experience. 

A family I have worked with on Face Gym and breathing dropped by as they were passing through on their way around Australia. I always love meeting people I've only worked with on Skype or FaceTime as there's always a better and real connection.

I had offered the boys a surfing lesson and they were very keen to jump into it.

I love the word INSPIRATION - when we breathe, we INSPIRE and we expire. A question I often wonder about is; if our breathing isn't functioning well, do we have full inspiration? Do we breathe slowly and comfortably into our diaphragm and lower ribs? Or do we have "panic breathing" into the neck, upper chest and shoulders?

I actually believe (and no sciencey types, there's no papers!!) that the better our breathing the better our inspiration towards life, and now I use the word inspiration in the sense of motivation and creative spark. I have seen this in my own life, now my breathing is so much better, my passion, power and purpose has come shining through and is in a far greater level of flow. 

I believe anyone can have this, and everyone is entitled to.

One thing for certain, when I saw this little guy pictured above (and posted with parent's permission of course) standing up on his first go of trying, then riding the wave into the shore, I was more inspired than I've been in a while. 

Children's enthusiasm is contagious and I caught his :) 

Inspiring eh?