You're Late!

Child asleep in class.jpg

I recently did my first "Facebook Live" video:

Talking about how always seemed to be behind the eight ball as a kid; late, unprepared, wrong clothes or uniform, lost my money etc etc 

Many people used to take that as laziness or lack of preparation, all well and good but I liken it to looking at the world through the bottom of a coke bottle... you can see it but it doesn't seem to make complete sense.

Now as an adult I'm passionate and committed to helping kids who suffer from breathing problems while they're asleep and awake. In health science breathing problems like snoring, breath holding and restless sleep can be termed "Sleep Disordered Breathing" (SDB) and it's been shown that this can effect cognitive function, growth and executive function, or loosely; how the brain develops and grows and the influence on the ability of a child to coordinate their thinking and logic through out the days, weeks, months and years.

You can read more about breathing and how it relates to many symptoms in kids here

So, if your child seems to struggle with organisation, planning and general apathy, consider that SDB and their breathing in general may be playing in as a factor and I recommend getting them checked out ASAP. You never know how much of their own hidden ability might be lying under the veil of breathing and sleep problems!