the Face Gym Program

How to stop thumb, dummy or finger sucking easily and without the tantrums!

Myo-Functional Therapy or Oral Myology is a relatively new field within health and simply means training the muscles of the lips, face and tongue to be in their ideal position.

You may have heard that things like thumb and dummy sucking can result in crooked teeth but people are surprised to learn this has as much to do with the muscles of the face as it does with the teeth, in fact probably more so because the muscles of the lips and tongue exert a huge force on the growing bones of the face and the teeth that stick out of them!

The problem with sucking thumbs, fingers or dummies is that it literally promotes the lip and tongue muscles to be in the wrong spot which not only weakens them but interferes with ideal facial growth, breathing and often the alignment of teeth. 

Our Face Gym program is exactly that, a training program to train these muscles to be strong and fit! Just like any other muscle the facial muscles can be trained to be stronger and the posture of the lips and tongue can be improved and sucking habits abandoned. 

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2 X assessments

includes measuring before and after changes and goal setting 

8 X exercise SESSIONS

the "gym" sessions for your training program. 20-30mins once a week, exercises are progressive and change weekly

Face gym workBOOK

exercises, programs and goal setting documented, made for kids by kids (with help from big kids)!