Kids Breathing - Where do we start? Byron Bay

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Kids Breathing - Where do we start? Byron Bay


Date: October 26th and 27th 2019

Venue: Melbourne - venue to be confirmed

Facilitator: Cole Clayton MHlth (Clin Rehab), B.Clin.Sci, GCert HProm, BFA

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Everyone knows that promoting good breathing habits for children are a critical part of treatment and ongoing maintenance no matter what your profession. Knowledge alone is not enough and many practitioners miss the “whole breathing thing” for kids because it’s too complicated, too hard or both.

So where do we start?

I’ve been looking into this question for almost 10 years and in this time I’ve developed my understanding parallel to refining and simplifying my program. In this course I want to share what I’ve found works, both in breathing retraining and in terms of what motivates and maintains childrens’ interest in the program itself.

Through exploring the program and it’s structure my aim is to share important points on physiology, assessment, treatment and education of respiratory disorders relative to meeting children where there are in both their treatment and development.

The 2 day course is designed to recreate a sense of family and nurture, held in a home-style environment, with home-cooked food to relax, learn and implement an exploration into kids breathing and to explore your own breathing and its impact on your practice.

By the end of the weekend, you will walk away with a program encompassing understanding, strategies and exercises that you can implement “on Monday” and start the rewarding path to making a big difference for kids through breathing retraining.

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